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QUESTIONS YOU SHOULD ASK BEFORE YOU BOOK A CAMERAMAN Find and book with these questions in mind. After narrowing down your shortlist to one or two potential photographers/videographers. Set up a meeting with each of them in person or either through a phone call, video call or texting to know if you feel comfortable around
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Your Passport, Your Password

Your Passport, Your Password The standards of passport photos worldwide Passports are among the most widely accepted forms of identification in the world. One of the reasons for this is that passports are given only after the background of the applicant has been thoroughly verified and his or her bona fides have been established. A
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d PROUD Photographer & d HUMBLE Pastor

d PROUD Photographer & d HUMBLE Pastor So let me give you one gist that my closest friend gisted me recently. This gist is so hot that my system can’t hold it within me again. The gister of the original gist insists that he remains anonymous as I gist the gist. The gist is about
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“Feyikemi, stop fussing” I shouted “But I can’t, Chibundu. I feel ugly” she replied. In an attempt to reassure her; I said: “You look beautiful, your hair is fine and yes; your brows are as identical as they can possibly be so please will you calm down?” She took a deep breath and after five
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HOW DO YOU RECOGNISE A NICELY SHOT PHOTOGRAPH? WE BET YOU DON’T KNOW HOW. 6 STEPS ON HOW TO REVIEW A PHOTOGRAPH.  A couple of times, we have had one or two photographs taken of ourselves, friends and family. We have also one too many times gave comments on photograph piece(s) as to how nice,
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How To Know The Best Photographer For You.

Top Qualities of an Exceptional Photographer. Making a deal with a photographer and finding out later about his or her incompetency is a deal breaker for some, a deal breaker that in some cases may lead to legal battles. Now the question is; How do I know the qualities of a photographer before a job
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