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This is our great company

We exist to capture accurately in still/moving pictures of those irreplaceable moments using the professionals in the industry. We reconnect you with the past.

The solution is based on a problem that “it is difficult to get in touch with a cameraman except you know the person already.” Why? The bustle to get a new and good cameraman to cover your event is probably tag too much to a regular event organizer based on a poll we conducted. Our solution is plain and simple, give you a list of the top cameramen at your location with just a click or rather few clicks.

We are an intermediary between you a client and the photographer or videographer of your choice, we also make sure both sides do their request task easy and to the best capacities.

We have created an online/offline operational platform to meet the photography/videography service needs of our users around their locality in real time at a great price.

Since the launch of the platform, we’ve been getting an increase in users and that is a validity of an existing problem and an assurance that we found a solution.

How to get the best possible photographer/videographer that suits your event

We are an intermediary between you and the photographer or videographer you pick therefore with your money doing the talking so it’s only fair for you to pick the best person for your event.

Here at, we hope to make sure you get the best so we put in place measures to achieve that. One of this is the rating system when a cameraman or a videographer gets a job and deliver, the client will have the opportunity to rate him/her and an average of this is giving the rating.
Our second put-in-place measure is our advanced search algorithm that will be backed by your taste so that you get the option to pick a user based on location, price, rating, etc. We also allow you check out a photographer/videographer gallery, which is a collection of all some non-licensed or free to all pictures or videos captured during a recent event by the photographer/videographer you intend to scrutinize.

It’s no doubts that our platform works with you in mind all you just have to do is give us a try and if already did this, kudos to you as we hope to celebrate more events with you.

How to join as a photographer/videographer and increase your earnings

This is no scam, our platform pays for a client and you as a photographer or videographer. We serve as an intermediary, we get the job for you and make sure you get paid when you carry out the job, that simple.

We serve as back office to our photographers/videographers where we carry out marketing, dealing with customers and ensuring every photographer/videographer gets job regularly.

Before you register; Please note that we want to give you and our customers the best satisfaction that we are capable of giving and with that being said, we take illegal activities seriously and that’s why we request quite a lot of information during a registration of a photographer and a videographer. We ask to know the kind of devices – in this case, a camera- that you use to carry out your jobs.

That is not all though, we have other verification systems put in place to verify your identity because it is needed for everything that you do. You are in control, you know what is being paid by the customers, what we get (20%) and you have the right to choose whether or not to go ahead with the job.

We take delay seriously, so we don’t condone such. Not that it can’t happen, but we try to eliminate it so as to get the best possible customer feedback for you and the platform.

become a cameraman

This is why you should use the best camera

As a cameraman or a videographer, you probably shouldn’t joke with a client’s satisfaction because one known way to get the best out of is customer’s rating which in some cases can be backed up with a review.

A good camera in most cases equals a top-notch rating from your client. You can check the best pick of cameras listed by a top photographer.

Top notch cameras:

Since the best camera matters, you probably should check this list out.
The 10 best full-frame DSLRs

  1. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
  2. Nikon D750
  3. Nikon D5
  4. Canon EOS-1D X Mark II
  5. Sony Alpha A99 II
  6. Pentax K-1
  7. Nikon D610
  8. Sony Alpha A9
  9. Canon EOS 6D DSLR
  10. Leica M10


Be Reachable

Whether you are a photographer or a videographer or the client, the best way both patients can enjoy them (satisfied) is being reachable. Reachable in the sense that you are available through call and messaging.
Our photographer and videographer wouldn’t want to go to a new location and find out the client’s number not going through, you have to be available to him or her. Also, a client shouldn’t have a problem reaching out to the photographer/videographer in the case of an update.
None reachability might be a deal breaker for some and the key phrase is “be reachable.”