Our great company

To connect users in real-time by leveraging technology to deliver photography/Videography services anywhere at a great price.

To build the best fast photography services, help photographers grow, operate and scale their businesses.

Why us?

We exist to capture accurately in still/moving pictures of those irreplaceable moments using the professionals in the industry. We reconnect you with the past.

The cameraman.ng solution is based on a problem that “it is difficult to get in touch with a cameraman except you know the person already.” Why? The bustle to get a new and good cameraman to cover your event is probably tag too much to a regular event organizer based on a poll we conducted.

Our solution is plain and simple, we give you a list of the top cameramen at your location with just a click or rather few clicks.

We are an intermediary between you a client and the photographer or videographer of your choice, we also make sure both sides do their request task easy and to the best capacities.

We have created an online/offline operational platform to meet the photography/videography service needs of our users around their locality in real time at a great price.

Since the launch of the platform, we’ve been getting an increase in users and that is the validity of an existing problem and an assurance that we found a solution.

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