How to join as a photographer/videographer and increase your earnings

become a cameraman

This is no scam, our platform pays for a client and you as a photographer or videographer. We serve as an intermediary, we get the job for you and make sure you get paid when you carry out the job, that simple.

We serve as the back office to our photographers/videographers where we carry out marketing, dealing with customers and ensuring every photographer/videographer gets job regularly.

Before you register; Please note that we want to give you and our customers the best satisfaction that we are capable of giving and with that being said, we take illegal activities seriously and that’s why we request quite a lot of information during registration of a photographer and a videographer. We ask to know the kind of devices – in this case, a camera- that you use to carry out your jobs.

That is not all though, we have other verification systems put in place to verify your identity because it is needed for everything that you do. You are in control, you know what is being paid by the customers, what we get (20%) and you have the right to choose whether or not to go ahead with the job.

We take delay seriously, so we don’t condone such. Not that it can’t happen, but we try to eliminate it so as to get the best possible customer feedback for you and the platform.

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