When planning a wedding ceremony some families/couples save themselves the stress of the general arrangements and rather sought the service of a trusted event planner.


Weddings have become one of the biggest celebrated occasions of today, amongst other events such as birthdays, naming, anniversaries e. t. c.

A wedding ceremony is given so much value and attention that everyone is willing to give their bests just for that day. Some weddings even last for days, depending on how wealthy the family is and mostly for show-offs though. It is considered a new beginning for both couples, a new phase in the stages of their lives, so families and friends come together from afar and wide to give celebrate with their own and give their best wishes.

A wedding ceremony begins right when the couple meets either family, starting from the introduction ceremony which is the meeting of the families, then the engagement (which serves as the traditional marriage) and then the so-called white wedding. This is where Africans adopt foreign white culture. Some families even prefer to do the engagement, then set another party entirely for the traditional wedding before even the so-called white wedding(which is counted as the actual wedding).

When planning a wedding ceremony some families/couples save themselves the stress of the general arrangements and rather sought the service of a trusted event planner. While some other families prefer to handle it solely just to make sure there are no disappointments. Mostly this goes by the personalities of the families and couples getting married. Some weddings even require journeying down miles to hometowns for proper blessings.

Depending on the couple and their families, some might prefer a lavish flamboyant ceremony while some others will rather go for a cool low key ceremony. The planning involves specialties from various work types and services. For a start what to wear is a large one, the services of fashion designers who can deliver perfectly, accessories are sought for, catering services is also a very important aspect of the wedding ceremony as there has to be enough availability of food and drinks, the guests is another part, because sometimes guests have to be selected before sending out IVs, the photography/videography is also a part that can’t be neglected, trusted professionals are required in this aspect, location and hall also add to the class of a wedding ceremony and it goes on and on.

The location and hall is a generally important aspect that care has to be taken before booking. Wedding locations in this age have gone wild to the extent that any large enough space found to interesting enough can be used as the location. From times, tents and canopies have always been the location set/prepared for an event, and as time changes and improve, tents and canopies is less regarded. These days halls located in the high fashion places of Lagos have been the best locations for weddings in Lagos. Halls, beaches and even tourist centers to mention few has been in use to make a difference.

Most event planners would rather go for an indoor location to an outdoor location considering logistics and weather conditions. Whereas some others prefer outdoor location cos of the feeling of serenity it gives especially when it’s a garden.

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Below are some lists of outdoor locations in Lagos to host wedding ceremonies and other events.

Jhalobia Recreation Garden and park located at no 67 international airport road. This garden has a perfect setting for a wedding with enough space for up to 2500 guests. One of its beautiful features is the fifty-five meters red carpet aisle which gives the couple a feeling of royalty. It has a nice restaurant and bar, a 2 2 1 village for private entertainment with buffet meals and a barbecue. It also has a recreation park which is ideal for picnics and lunch dates. Very tight security is also an advantage.

Euphoria Event center located at the… ..this serves as a garden and an event center for comfortable relaxation and service. This enchanting venue offers a choice of a garden that can host 200 guests and also a space for either grand affair or intimate family gathering. It can also be very sweet for pre-wedding shoots.

Pearl garden is also another sweet outdoor location which offers free generator all through and also makes their staffs available for guests. The field area can seat 400 guests in a banquet-style which gives guests the experience of peace and tranquility in a garden waterfront.

Rose mead park also offers a well-landscaped garden with a perfect ambiance for events and hangouts. The clean, green and serene environment also serves as a research and tourist center. The shoe garden has numerous spaces for all kinds of events, both indoor and outdoor floor.

The welcome garden center is a lush garden with manicured hedges and lawn which is most suitable for small intimate social gatherings with a capacity of 350 seats in banquet style. Freedom Park is a memorial and leisure park area in the middle of downtown Lagos in Lagos Island. The Park was constructed to preserve the history and cultural heritage of Nigerians, which can also be sought as a wedding location.

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Tourist centers such as the National theatre provides an avenue to learn more about art while having fun, the Lekki Conservation Center which is located in Lekki after chevron drive before the 2nd toll gate. Also, Lekki Leisure Lake located opposite the vantage hotel, it can be the best destination outdoor fun place in Lagos. Elegushi royal beach isn’t left out, it’s a private beach owned by the Elegushi royal family, it is well known to be the go place for fun, meals, night parties and also the location for nice little


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