As long as they are living, breathing and they are human, they can be sued.

To be honest, it’s actually not that tricky. Most times, when we hear of suing, it’s always the other way around. But then that doesn’t make it impossible. Just as a photographer can be sued by his/her customer or customers, a photographer can sue his/her customer. It’s quite simple, in order for that to happen, they out to have been a Breach Of Contract.

A breach of contract occurs when one party that makes the contract binding, decides not to fulfill their own end of the agreement.

This means that a photographer can sue his/her customer maybe he/she didn’t hold up to his own part of the agreement. However, breach of contract isn’t the only reason why a photographer can sue his/her customer. If for instance, a customer destroys his/her equipment(s) and refuses to pay for such damages, the customer can be sued. And also can be compensated for SPECIAL DAMAGES if he can prove that due to the loss he encountered, he can he suffered a serious loss which affected his company/job greatly.

The customer doesn’t have to only break a camera in order for a photographer to sue. The photographer can sue on any grounds caused by the customer either with MALIINTENT INTENT, DEFAMATION or whatever reason that is not true that will cause the photographer so suffer a loss at his business.


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