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June the 12th Cameraman, Nigerian Flag

June 12th

12th of June Aisha sat at the Abuja stadium with the others that day and watched slowly how the place became full. The whole place was slowly becoming a rush because people were struggling to get a seat for themselves and their family. They wanted to hear the president’s speech. Though some could not get
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temidayo wedding party

The Wedding Party

The Wedding Party The anticipation and impatience of the guests was a living being feeding off the lateness of the awaited hosts. The invitation had said 8 am and yet there was no bride either was there a groom by 9. The general consensus was that traffic was holding them up, so the elderly guests
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How To Know The Best Photographer For You.

Top Qualities of an Exceptional Photographer. Making a deal with a photographer and finding out later about his or her incompetency is a deal breaker for some, a deal breaker that in some cases may lead to legal battles. Now the question is; How do I know the qualities of a photographer before a job
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