HUSH! Camille died because she wanted to talk. But she’s not Camille. It had been seven hours since she had been in labour. Richard was in the waiting room growing more anxious by the second. [...]


The Best Camera

This is why you should use the best camera As a cameraman or a videographer, you probably shouldn’t joke with a client’s satisfaction because one known way to get the best out of cameraman.ng is [...]


Become a cameraman

How to join cameraman.ng as a photographer/videographer and increase your earnings This is no scam, our platform pays for a client and you as a photographer or videographer. We serve as an [...]


How to find a photographer

How to get the best possible photographer/videographer that suits your event. We are an intermediary between you and the photographer or videographer you pick therefore with your money doing the [...]



Surprise! I know that some of us might be wondering what the hell happened. Why there’s a big hole in the canopy displayed outside at our backyard? And now, the rain is about to take it out and [...]


June 12th pt2

JUNE The 12th Part 2 I  believe what had just happened today. I watched as in no delay, the stadium had become empty once again. It all started this morning, 12th of June, democracy day. I work [...]


The Journey

The Journey We find love where we least expect. Here is an amazing story of a couple who found love in one another. Meet Uduak and Adetutu. The moment to remember (Bride) Some times in late 2012, [...]


Our Look Book

Our Look Book Your pictures deserve a better showcase than your mobile screen. Enjoy the soft and fresh look of your photos on our photo-book and photo-frames. Comes at a great price. Use our [...]


Shooting Fake Couples

Shooting Fake Couples The way Tosin and Seun gel, corporate, interact is out of this space; Every of their posture was inspired by the deep feelings embedded in each of their souls. In my [...]


Kiss Me

Kiss Me Kiss me and let’s stay together, Kiss me and make it seem better, Kiss me and quiet my heart, I never once asked for a letter, Stating you wanted to part. Kiss me and declare you were [...]

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