“Feyikemi, stop fussing” I shouted

“But I can’t, Chibundu. I feel ugly” she replied.
In an attempt to reassure her; I said: “You look beautiful, your hair is fine and yes; your brows are as identical as they can possibly be so please will you calm down?”

She took a deep breath and after five seconds shakily let it out.
“Okay, I am fine now, let us do this” with the expression of the determination of someone about to start a race written across her face.
I let out the air I didn’t know I was holding and we stepped out of the car.

Deola my guy was there with some equipment and a couple of people. Two months ago he had helped me plan my surprise engagement party, well it was a surprise to Feyi.
Took three months to organize.

Three months of silence over a matter with my best friend, it was torture but when I saw her face as I knelt down, opened that velvet box and said “please be my best friend forever”
It was worth the torture.

Today, I had begged Deola to come, after all, who would take the pictures. His company is a conglomerate of photographers, Cameramen.ng he calls it. It is only right that I patronize my blood.
Pre-wedding pictures; that is what they are called, I think.
I do not understand the idea behind them, Feyi had insisted and here we were today. Her nervousness was baffling but I suppose expected.

As we walked towards him, it felt as if we were walking into a future that would only give us smiles.
Beside me walked the love of my life and I could not take my eyes off her.
He took the first picture.


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