Camille died because she wanted to talk. But she’s not Camille.

It had been seven hours since she had been in labour. Richard was in the waiting room growing more anxious by the second. Though the doors were closed, he could still hear his wife’s screams echo through the hall. And every second that passed, seemed like an hour.

The thought that she would die couldn’t escape his head. He didn’t want her to die… Not like this… Not this way. Not the way Camille his first wife died and with their child. He couldn’t imagine coming out of so much pain. He loved her so much and when they found out that they were expecting, they were happy at first and slowly as time went by, her mood began to change. All through, he felt it was the pregnancy swings that most women go through and then just when the baby was almost born, she committed suicide.

He was angry, he couldn’t bear it and as time went by, he became depressed.  The depression went on for ten years. He knew he was in a dark place that he not come out of. He needed to know why Camille took her life with their child, he was going to die. And just when he had gotten to his breaking point, he met Eliza and he found love again.

He couldn’t allow life to cheat him again. Eliza had to make it… His child had to make it. His attention was drawn to the door when he began to hear a loud sobbing that came from the room… It was the child, the child was born. At once, he ran into the room to see if he could take a peek at his newly born child but he didn’t need to. One of the nurses escorted him in with a smile on her face. As he walked in, all he could think of was how he was going to celebrate the birth of his first child. He was going to call a cameraman to capture the whole naming ceremony.

Eliza watched as Richard held the child in his arms. There was this glow she had never seen in him before until that day. She watched as he played with his little fingers and kissed him on the lips. She had finally made him a dad. But he could never know he wasn’t the child’s father. Her mother in law made her swear that. She already knew that Richard cannot father a child. He was impotent but she couldn’t tell him…

His mother forbade her so, his mother arranged a man she would sleep with to get pregnant and keep the secret. Camille died because she wanted to talk.

But she’s not Camille.


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