‘I swear! You were the finest person on this day, you were so pretty I got jealous!’ Laila complemented looking into the photo album of Lizzy’s wedding with Lizzy sitting by her side blushing all over.

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It’s been two months since Lizzy got wedded to the love of her life as she would call Dally, her now wedded husband. They were a combination of love. Lizzy is this fine cute girl with everything set right, an only daughter of a wealthy oil dealer who juggles his stay within and outside the country. She got everything at the tap of her fingers, she went to the best schools, go on holidays outside the country. She had her full of what we’d describe as the best life. Amazingly her best friend Laila was nothing compared to her, Laila is a bush girl from a poor background, she lived and dwelled in the ghetto, the rough hustle life is for her, nevertheless, she’s got a smart mind which gives her an edge. It was through her work hustles at a very tender age that she met Lizzy and they became close friends ever since.

‘oh Laila! Do you know I still wake up every morning not believing that I am married??, it’s just so sweet! I’ve looked through this album over a thousand times since Tseju brought it.’’ Lizzy said

‘’And who is Tseju? ‘’ Laila enquired with a perplexed look

‘’Really?? ‘’ Lizzy rolled her eyes ‘’ don’t tell me you forgot that name so easily, that cute photographer dally got on cameraman website. He’s not just cute but a professional in his field, wait till you watch the videos’’

Laila was taken aback! She remembered telling Lizzy how she is so attracted to the cute photographer, he’s so cute he looked like the edited version of a picture. At first sight, she wished she could have him to herself but unfortunately, he seemed to be all professional sticking to doing his job perfectly. And now Lizzy seems to be liking him all of a sudden, is it just today? Or has it been since he appeared as the recommended photographer from that cameraman platform, or is it the good job he did with the pictures in the photo album? Laila pondered. ‘’I hope this girl realizes she’s married already’’

As she flipped through the picture pages she caught sight of herself and exclaimed. ‘’oh my God! He’s so good!! Imagine me looking this good in his pictures when I’m not even half as fine. Oh, Lizzy! Can I meet him? Let him do this picture magic to my reality!! ‘’

Lizzy stared with a hinge of jealousy ‘’no please, I’m certain there are a lot of other professionals you could still get on that cameraman platform, who’d do a good job. Let Tseju be’’

How could we imagine Lizzy denying her friend the advantage of a photographer who did a good job, it only appears as though she wants the best for herself alone or could it be something else?? Laila was silent as she kept viewing the pictures wondering if everyone in the album was really as good looking in reality as the pictures presented. Everyone’s faces, the smiles, the joys, the waves of laughter all perfectly captured by the cameraman but looking deep we see them in different forms. Are those smiles and laughter really genuine? Is it from the heart? Were they really happy? That’s what picture does, it captures real moments and gives us deep imagination of what is and what could have been.

Laila stared at Lizzy in her wedding picture, set right beside Dally, all smiles as they look into each other’s eyes. What was behind those smiles? Looking through those beaming faces, while her thought gave way to the past …

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