Lost in thoughts

“Make your goal your priority” - Bammie

Brie sat in her bedroom that morning and watched as the image that reflected through the mirror stared right back at her.

Her hair was well hung up with so many exquisite hairpins and the white dress she wore gallantly went so well with the pearls which hung around her neck. She took her veil away from her face. She needed to see her face well…

Today of all days. After all, it was her wedding. And she was marrying the man of her dreams. Nobody was in the room with her. She needed to be alone, she wanted to. She was proud of her achievement that led to this very day.

She had done so many things to make sure her dreams would come to pass. And now, look at her, one of the most beautiful women staring right back at her. But even beauty can come at a price and she knew it, a price she would make sure she takes to her grave. Her fear of being judged would force her to keep quiet.

All this time, Edward thought it was fate that brought them together but he was wrong… It was her that brought them together. She had known him for a very long time. They went to school together and he had never said a word to her because she knew he would never accept her. She tried talking to him maybe she could tell him how she felt about him but the mere thought of being rejected made her insides turn.

She wasn’t his type and she knew it. He was interested in women with all the curves and she had none.

After they had graduated from the university, she knew where he lived, where he worked, where he hung out. She was going to become the woman he could not resist. So, she used up all her savings she had kept for rainy days to perform the surgery and become the person she is now. Brenda was gone, she had no family after all and no friends. She wasn’t going to be missed.

And Brie was born.

Though she knew her vows to Edward was to be completely honest with him, but she was taking this secret to the grave. The knock on the door made her escape from her thoughts. It was time for the wedding.

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