“Money is a terrible master but an excellent servant.” —P.T. Barnum

“You know, each time you think this country can’t get worse, there are some people that will just… shock you,” Annabelle said in a discontent tone to her sister who sat right beside her in the living room.
“yep, there are people,” Jacklyn responded. But what did you see now that is making you say so? She asked
“Didn’t you see that video of that senator that slapped that woman?” Annabelle asked
“Yes oh!” Jacklyn said “but I didn’t watch the video. I heard about it. But I’m very sure it’s just Nigerians overexaggerating the whole thing, as usual”
“Madam! It is not an exaggeration!” Annabelle said “This man literally slapped her… Like three times because she told him to calm down!
“Haba!” Jacklyn said
How does that make sense?



“It does not,” Annabelle said with so much anger.
“Wait…” Jacklyn said “Do you have the video?
“Yes! A friend of mine tagged cameraman. You know I follow them on Instagram.” Annabelle replied
“Oya, let me watch it,” Jacklyn said
Jacklyn’s face remained neutral until she saw the man in the video repeatedly hit the other woman. Then she spoke
“He had the guts to ask his security to arrest her! Is he mad?
“ Toh! Now you understand!
Annabelle said as she collected her phone from her sister.
“What is he even doing in a sex Shop?” Jacklyn asked Annabelle.
“He went to buy a toy.” And the two girls laughed at Annabelle’s response.
“The sad part is that Nigerians came out to vote for this person as a senator. I read that he is the youngest senator ever.
“I knew to pass that bill was a bad idea,” Jacklyn said
“Abi! I remember when Nigerian youths were shouting for the bill. Not to young to run! Not to young to run! Look at what they voted for! Annabelle said with so much disgust in her tone
“No! Jacklyn said” The bill is not at fault. But what Nigerians need to understand is that age does not qualify a person as a leader.
“That’s true sha,” Annabelle said.
“But I’m pretty sure this man is a woman beater.
Yes! Jacklyn said “If he can slap a nursing mother like that without even thinking twice, ah! I pity his wife oh!”
“Me too!” Annabelle said.
“Since this video is trending like this, I hope the woman presses charges and I hope he is arrested,” Jacklyn said
“The police have issued an arrest warrant,” Annabelle said
“Really?” Jacklyn asked surprisingly.
“yea,” Annabelle said
“Good!” he must pay. “Jacklyn said.
I just hope he won’t spend three hours in prison and that’s the end! Annabelle said
“That’s true. He is definitely one of those people that think money can buy justice.” Jacklyn said
“I just hope this time will be different,” Annabelle said


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