Knowing what the top trends are in the photography industry is incredibly useful. Whether for wedding shots, stock images or product photography, knowing what to shoot puts you at the top of the game.

Clients are always looking for something new and innovative. They are always aiming at using images that others don’t have, as it makes their own products one-of-a-kind.

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Here are some trends for 2020 photography:


Strong, bright colours are what we expect to see in the future, the future is 2020. The stronger the colour, the more attention it gets. This is a little conflicting as photographers, we aim for natural scenes. Fortunately, outdoor designs are also becoming trendy and loud to stand out. Always try and maintain the natural Outlook of your images.


Try capturing images from DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflect) or mirrorless camera in a vertical orientation. Find scenes that fit in and not Vice Versa. It’s hard to imagine the orientation of images can be a trend. We can say that but expect a photography trend of more vertical photos. Horizontal images have had their place in the world of photography. It’s definitely due to smartphones. Each image you capture is automatically vertical unless you turn it sideways.


Always remember, to look at a wedding as a documentary project and less like a portraiture session. We know that wedding photography is an expensive venture. A photographer or team is responsible for capturing one of the most important days of your life. As it is such an expense, we turn to self capturing ideas such as instax cameras and a guest book.


As drones become cheaper and cheaper, more photographers will use them. We can use this method of aerial photography to capture more and more. However, you have to learn how to use a filter in those poorly lit environments. Photography trends like drone wedding photography will grow and so many areas that we expect.


Colour management has a trend in photography. For the last year or so, the internet has been fussing about orange and teal split toning. Of course, nothing new has popped up yet. But what is new is how to use the colours and management in our images.

In 2020, we expect a photography trend of using the Pantone colour, saffron. If you can’t find a natural environment that shows this colour, you can swap subjects, areas or backgrounds using Photoshop.


Photography is a great medium to work with. You can almost capture any scene, well lit or otherwise, with any Digital Camera. As we have better and better sensor resolutions, photographers are free to film more and more. The reason is that you can pull images from Videos but not Vice Versa. The images will still keep its great quality. Filming a scene gives you the best of both worlds, ensuring you don’t miss a scene.

There are plus sides to this process. For one, you get to make money from a stock video and a stock image. Secondly, each second of the video gives you either 30 or 60 frames to choose from, depending on your capture settings. What will make it better is if you get into the habit of filming a tripod.

Okay, so we are down to our top three.


As technology advances, cameras gain better and better resolution. A bigger resolution means the bigger file size is needed to hold more information taken from the scenes you capture.

If you’re shooting Raw, the Canon 5D Mark IV averages 40MB a shot. With increased file sizes comes with an even greater need for storage. This storage needs to be mobile as many of us travel and work on the road.

Well, that’s why we have cloud storage, the easiest way to move your images around wirelessly. Quite a few companies such as Google and Apple have their own cloud services open to everyone. 


We keep saying this but film photography has become a trend. You might disagree but constantly, manufacturers have been dropping their film-based products.

Working with photography film. Offers a way to discover the base of this visual world. On Top of that, you have a physical, tangible object after capturing your session.

We are down to our last one…


Each and every year, we look at our images and evaluate them. Complexity has always been the key in photography, where photographers use techniques on top of the composition and utilising colour management.

With the use of Instagram and the overuse of filters, photographers who want to be taken seriously take a step back. They look for something that makes their images different and stand out in its most minimalist approach.

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