Shooting Fake Couples

The way Tosin and Seun gel, corporate, interact is out of this space; Every of their posture was inspired by the deep feelings embedded in each of their souls.

In my experience as a photographer, I have found it easier to shoot models who are posing as couples and not actual couples. There is a sort of chemistry that comes naturally to them that I am able to capture that should not be seen between two strangers who have only known themselves for five minutes, as opposed to couples who might actually be planning to get married.

Makes you wonder, is it their mutual attractiveness that makes it easier for them to smile not into the camera but into their eyes or are they really good actors who are simply just good at their job. Photographing a pre-wedding photoshoot of a real couple involves a lot of directing, having to tell them how to act in love where you would expect them to naturally act like they are in love, but not for Tosin and Seun.

From the moment they got to the location, I couldn’t help but whip out my camera, the love between them oozed from everything they did. It was beyond beautiful. The smiles came naturally to them, their hugs didn’t seem forced. And when they constantly passed jokes between each other made for many easy smiles. The beach breeze, the sunlight and the palm trees gave a perfect location and great ambience.

As a photographer I had more fun than I usually do, most of the pictures were candid and I went home that day tired as usual but with the fulfilment that I had a good day at work.

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