I know that some of us might be wondering what the hell happened.

Why there’s a big hole in the canopy displayed outside at our backyard? And now, the rain is about to take it out and the place is littered?  Why the birthday cake is a complete mess, destroyed to nothing, everyone is running out of our compound? Well, let me explain… From the beginning.

It all started this morning. My husband and I were preparing for our son’s 15th birthday. So, we decided to throw a party for him. You know how Lagos likes to party? Well, that was the plan. It’s not every day your son turns 15 right? So, since the schools are on Eid break we invited a lot of his friends, some very close family members, and just a few of our neighbour’s kids. Alpha, my son hadn’t been home for a few days now. He was spending a few days at his cousin’s house on the mainland. And he was coming home today cos school was starting tomorrow.  You see, the party was a surprise. Everyone was supposed to hide inside the house and wait till he gets home and as soon as he opens the door everyone is going to scream “happy birthday” it was going to be a perfect birthday.

Everything was going perfect, everyone was in position until one of my neighbours decided to bring her twins… Two boys Caleb and Adam who were about five years old to the party. And everyone in our neighbourhood knows quite well that those kids are notorious and cannot be controlled. I always wonder why they are so energetic. Mind you, they were not invited… Intentionally. My husband thought it was a bad idea leaving poor little kids at our gate alone so, he did what any dad would do, he let them in. That was such a bad idea.

The kids just ran into our house and we didn’t see them again. The guys who had come to fix the canopy were already around and as soon as they fixed the canopy, they left. But before they did they told me the weather was changing. But I couldn’t understand because the weather seemed perfectly fine to me.

I called Alpha and he told me that he will be home in thirty minutes and we were doing last minute touches. The cake wasn’t here yet. I called her and she said her delivery man from Jise Logistics would be there in minutes. I remembered that I hadn’t called a photographer and videographer but I was pretty sure my husband had done that. And like a silly joke, small drops of rainfall followed by a heavy breeze and the people outside started running till they got to the house because the rain had become worse.

I remembered that the buffet had been set outside so I ran outside to quickly get the food before it is got ruined but then, I saw Caleb and Adam pouring the food on themselves and playing in the rain. Everything was opened… And the rain had gotten to it. The moment they saw me, they ran out of the backyard. I was speechless. What the hell was going on? I looked right and saw the Dj had already packed his equipment and had probably gone. The moment I got into the house, we heard a loud sound and we could see, the thunder had hit the canopy, giving it a big hole. I just went to the living room to sit and brood.

This wasn’t the birthday I had in mind. “at least we still had cake”. I told myself but my housemaid told me Caleb and Adam ran into the rain and attacked the delivery man while he was running to deliver the cake. He slipped and fell. I could see my son running into the compound and into the house definitely passing the cake which was now a mess at our front yard. The people who took refuge at our house saw him and yelled  “happy birthday” but I was already too upset to leave.

When the rain had reduced, everyone started to leave. And I was still in our bedroom so mad and so furious about what happened. The party was a mess. I was pretty sure no one had ever thrown such a disaster before. My son waited for everyone to leave and came to talk to me.

I knew he was going to say something sweet like “it wasn’t your fault or its the thought that counts or we still have next year” but he didn’t. He brought out a few takeaway meals from our favourite restaurant and sat on the bed. My husband came in and sat in the bed with him. The moment I saw what was happening, I laughed. He put on the TV, and we started eating. We were so happy with each other. We heard a doorbell ring I asked him if he was expecting any visitors but he ignored me and went to open the door. The next thing, he came in with the cameraman I had heard so much about.

The Picture we took that day is still on our nightstand.


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