The Journey

We find love where we least expect.

Here is an amazing story of a couple who found love in one another.

Meet Uduak and Adetutu.

The moment to remember (Bride)

Some times in late 2012, I heard about this guy called Uduak where I was a Management Trainee for an Advertising Company. We needed an Illustrator, and my boss said “ Team, let’s call on Uduak to do this, I believe he is good at his craft”.

So at different times I saw him around because as a Trainee I do most of the running around within all Departments, and there he was stationed in the ATL Company doing his thing.

In 2013, my own boss sent me to him to get some things done for her. She said “you know he is our problem solver” as she smiled. There and then, that’s how we got talking, wait, I know what you think, it is nothing really serious o, just the regular Hi! Hello! of a thing.

But here is the thing, whenever I find myself less busy I go to his sit to keep him company while i watch him do his Graphics and Illustrative ABRAKADARA, I enjoyed watching him work. On different occasions, we don’t say a word to each other, I’ll just keep mute then we get back like nothing happened.

Yes, nothing happened!

Most times we just catch up and hang out together while we share some gist. I was not in a relationship neither was I looking forward to being in any, so I was really enjoying my singleness (lol).

Fast forward to 2015, He resigned and joined another agency, we spoke from time to time nothing serious still, hang out once or twice.

So on a particular Wednesday in church early 2016, I told God I was ready for a relationship and not just any relationship but a husband, as a daughter of God that I am, (lol)

Fortunately, that same night, he buzzed and we got chatting, right in the middle of dream and reality, he dropped a message that pricked mysteriously into my emotions “be my woman?” he asked,

wait a bit, did he just asked me out? I asked rhetorically. But I laughed out loud and never took him seriously. I said “you must be high on design” So I changed the topic, and it was a pause.

He never gave up, so raised the same question every now and then, but hey let’s change the topic. As though I didnt take him seriously.

One day I needed him to do some creatives for me so we met and along the line, he mentioned it again and I was like I thought you were just joking and he said No babe! From that day forward, as they say, the rest is history.

Finally on the 22nd of August, 2017 we were having a late dinner, and bro got on his kneel,

I’m like, dude whats up?

He said

“I found you and I found the one for me,

I always knew you were someone waiting for me,

Your heart is all I know,

This love is all I own,

Darling please, be my Beyonce?!

I was astonished, I became overwhelmed with love, I could feel the warmth of his love covering my heart, I was in LOVE, A TRUE LOVE

and here we are today wrapped in his arms forever and a day more.

How we met (The groom)

So we were once colleagues at on of the agency I once worked with. That’s was where our friendship began. I left that agency in search of greener pastures and I found one.

I bought my first SUV and decided to go impress her with a visit, but she was not moved. The car was not enough to win her heart. So I went back to the school of life to learn how to win her heart .

Then I pitched to her this time, there was no material shinanigan involved , just a man speaking from his heart. And it clicked.

Today, she is the one for me and the one to have and hold my kids, our kids will have her eyes, one would look like me and one like her. We would make a great family.

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