Fatima was awoken by the fear that gripped her from sleep. She almost jumped off her bed like she was running from something. And she was her demons. She sat on her bed and looked around. There was no one at sight. She was the only one. Bit by bit her breath began to run its normal pace and the sweat on her face began to vanish but her pillow was still soaked. But she didn’t care.

It was 2:00 am and she still scared of falling asleep. But it matters to her. She wasn’t surprised. She had been like this for six months ever since the incident happened. Still unsure of her safety, she ran to check the door if it was properly locked and it was.

She sat by the door with her head on her laps and wondered when she will ever feel alright again. When will she ever be able to sleep at night and not see her attacker who raped her and infected her ever again? The doctors had once told her that HIV can lead to depression but she didn’t know it was this bad.

She needed her life back but she didn’t know where to start. Malik had already refused to marry her and her family had disowned her because of her sickness.

No one wanted her.

She sat on the bare floor awake and lost in her thoughts until the sun crept through her windows.

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