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It’s 2020! Finding Pro Photographers and Videographers in Lagos for your events is made easy with

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Yet we do better! connects you in real time with professional photographers and videographers around you in any state,


The introduction and engagement ceremony in Abuja was a blast. For straight one week, it was the talk on every lip. The signature poster MODE’19 spread everywhere, not leaving the media out, everyone seems to be surprised at how viral it went, it was a little loud ceremony but appeared otherwise due to the recognition it got. Every media page covered it, the wedding magazines weren’t left out, the Newsline added it to their headlines… We read thus: The cute couple perfectly captured!

It’s not about the money or family fame, it’s about how well it was put together. The planners did the best job by making everything in order mostly giving the couple the best of their day, qualified professional photographer and videographer who covered the event properly.

Every bit of the moments was captured perfectly with creativity, the best pictures went viral instantly, the smiles that speak true happiness from the contentment of the heart, the Lights that makes the bright moment sparkle, the colour dazzles presenting every image in its best effect. We realize how the event got that much recognition…The cameras well handled by the event photographers and videographers

The couple after having sought for a photographer and videographer with no avail decided to reach out to the event planner who instantly without stress booked for professionals from they were surprised at how fast it happened considering the fact that it’s just an online platform.

Yet we do better! Cameraman connects you in real-time with professional photographers and videographers around you in any state, we got professionals from other states on who’d cover your events to your imagination. All we need is your location and time, and venue we get to you within a few minutes of your booking.

The introduction and engagement ceremony after being a success and giving the couple the feel of their moment with the good job done by photographers from the cameraman, the couple wondered how they could make their church wedding and reception get well covered, for it was going to take place in Lagos.

They wondered if they could get a perfect photographer in Lagos?

Where did they suppose to hire the photographer from Abuja and worry on how to get him to their event in Lagos?

The timing? The location? They wanted same recognition they got in Abuja, they wanted the feeling of satisfaction they got from the professionals booked on

Then again they sought

MODE’19 booked with the cameraman who connected them with another professional in Lagos for the church and reception ceremony so they don’t have to worry any more and also had the confidence of getting the best which gives them another headline in Lagos.

Why don’t you be like our couple MODE’19

It’s 2020! Finding photographers and videographers in Lagos for your events is made easy with,

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