The Trapped Memories

It had been a while Talema had seen her friends, not since she got moved out of Abuja. So, she decided that today was the day she would have them over for lunch since they happen to be in Lagos to plan Shalewa’s wedding this time. But after Joshua had decided to travel and leave her alone in the house, she had become so lazy to clean up. She knew quite well that her friends were going to be around probably in an hour and she decided to do some tidy up before they got to her home. The last thing she needed was for Bimpe to preach to her about how a married woman should live. She went to the shelf and as she dusted, a book fell out of the shelf but then she picked it up and saw it was a photo album. Forgetting what she was doing, she sat comfortably on the ground and began to flip through it.

It was two years ago, Talema was still at the prime of her youth when she was getting married. She sat on the dresser as her sisters out arranged the floral hairpiece carefully on her head. It went perfectly well with the white dress she was going to wear. She was getting married today to the man she had already imagined she would.

“We’re getting late!”

Sandra said “

or do you want to go late for your wedding?”

“Abeg joor” Bimpe said

She no go look fine? She no go snap?

“Please let’s hurry” Talema said

“Talema calm down…” Shalewa said.

“We are almost done” Sandra see what you caused?

“ah! Sorry o!!!” Sandra said and went to sit in a corner.

In moments, Talema was ready and quick, she slipped into her White dress.

She could hear her footsteps stomping at the other end of the staircase, waiting impatiently for her to come down. As she approached him, his smile widened.

“You look beautiful my dear,” he said softly

“Thank you, daddy,” Talema said

“Okay! Okay!” Shalewa Interrupted.

Let’s go to the living room everyone, we need to take a quick Picture

“Is the photographer from”

Talema asked

“Of course!” Shalewa said

“ Nobody takes a better picture. They are the best”


A knock on the door brought her back to reality and quickly, she dusted her jeans and ran to the door. She knew it was them… There was nothing more she could do… Deep down, she knew she was going to get the speech. But it didn’t matter to her. She had missed her favorite girls.

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